Since you started scuba diving, have you been curious to know more about, or even try a different type of diving?

If you have, then there is no better way to scratch that itch than with a PADI Specialty Course. With a huge range to choose from, it would be hard for any diver to honestly say that they wouldn't want to try at least one of them; whether it's venturing into the deep blue - 40 metres/130 feet beneath the surface, or simply trying to figure-out your groupers from your snappers; then you're in the right place!



It's up to you!

 While some of the PADI Specialty courses have specific prerequisites, it really does come down to what you are most interested in. These courses are all about developing the skills and tools needed to help you become a more knowledgeable experienced and confident diver, while putting it all into practice on the Great Barrier Reef! 

Each course provides the theoretical foundation in the related field,  covering aspects such as equipment selection & preparation, special dive planning considerations, and in-water techniques.

This is also where you will benefit from rubbing shoulders with our instructors, who bring decades of experience to the table and will be able to help you hone your abilities during the course, and prepare you for diving in the future.

See below for the full list of PADI Specialty courses offered by us here in Port Douglas; and to learn more about any of the courses, simply click on the relevant image. 




The minimum age for each PADI or SDI Specialty varies between 10-18 years.


Certain medical conditions and/or medications may pose a health risk and preclude you from diving.  Please contact us for details


Minimum certification and experience level varies between Open Water & Advanced Open Water, depending on the Specialty course