It doesn't matter whether you are looking to simply try a  one-day scuba diving program, earn your Open Water certification, or even start your career by taking your PADI Divemaster course;  we are confident that when training with us you will feel safe, supported and motivated to work towards your scuba diving goals.

During your time here with us in Port Douglas, you'll receive expert instruction not only on the skills and techniques required for your course, but we will also do our best to share with you our love for the Great Barrier Reef and the incredible amount of wildlife that makes it their home. From the tiniest critters such as nudibranchs; gobies and shrimps up to some of the heftier inhabitants including grouper; sweetlips; triggerfish and of course, sharks!

After your course, we also offer ongoing support, just in case you have any questions about diving, buying equipment, or maybe choosing an amazing location for a dive holiday.

Apart from the quality of instruction offered by us, take a look and see some of the other reasons to take your PADI dive course with Scuba IQ.  



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Choosing the right course comes down to whether you are already a certified diver or not, and from there; having an idea of what you want to get out of diving.


For anyone not certified, then the 3-day Open Water Diver course is your starting point. This certification will set you on a path of adventure and discovery, as you will be able to travel the world; exploring it's watery environments! 

For anyone already certified, then you are definitely spoilt for choice, as there is a huge range of challenging and exciting dive courses to choose from. This includes the Advanced Open Water course, or Specialty diver courses, where you will learn about and try different types of diving - a great way to see what it is that most fascinates you and motivates you to keep diving.

For Advanced Open Water Divers who are after a true test of their abilities, the PADI Rescue Diver course will challenge you to deal with a wide range of diver emergencies. This course covers aspects of diver rescues and techniques which will be completely new to most divers, and is highly demanding but very rewarding.

Finally, for those who are considering a career in scuba diving, the Divemaster course will be your first step down the professional route.  If this sounds like you, please contact us for details

Regardless of the PADI dive course taken with us here at Scuba IQ Port Douglas, we are sure that you will find each course to be unique, and your instructor will help you work towards your goals throughout the course and ultimately - Your new PADI scuba diving certification! 

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